LEADA: It’s not about you….it’s all about you!


The challenges for Sierra Leone’s economy were of course compounded by the Ebola crisis. There has clearly been significant progress post ebola, but there is still plenty of work to do. In this climate, the quality and culture of leadership will be right at the heart of a resurgent and successful Sierra Leone. LEADA is a programme created to make a positive and inspirational contribution to this exciting opportunity.


An independent self-sustaining economy, with trustworthy leaders in all sectors, working together to identify key issues, making effective decisions and collaborating with others to implement sustainable positive social and economic change.

An accepted understanding and practice of leadership as “service”, resulting in leaders who are respected and recognised by both their peers and the wider community, for their ability to inspire others towards real progress for SL.


LEADA is a leadership programme, which commenced in 2016, designed to make a significant contribution to realising the vision above. Cross sector collaboration is at the heart of the programme. Therefore participants are selected from all 3 sectors (private, NGO & public). A 50/50 gender split is also prioritised.

The programme consists of 4 sessions, entailing a commitment by participants of 11 days (3+3+3+2) spread out over 9 months. During all 4 sessions (The Trusted leader, The Influential leader, The Resilient leader & The Evolving leader) and the tasks / projects undertaken between sessions, participants are both challenged and supported on the key themes running through the programme of Accountability, Collaboration, Ethics, and Strategy.

Having attended the 9 month programme, participants are then required to make themselves available to “padi” (mentor) another leader going on their 9 month LEADA journey. The LEADA commitment therefore holds participants accountable to the programme and its vision over an 18-month period.

In the first instance, LEADA is aimed at those who have already demonstrated significant leadership potential, who are passionate about the LEADA vision and who are open to learn and develop. Participants are nominated for the LEADA programme, and thereafter will be invited to participate subject to their suitability, and programme availability, given the specific make up of LEADA groups.


LEADA is an initiative of ConsultIDEA, the consultancy arm of the IDEA Group. Through its Sierra Leone subsidiary, IDEA is fast becoming a leading infrastructure developer and management organization in Sierra Leone, currently building the Hilton Freetown Cape Sierra Hotel. The content of this programme has been devised by ConsultIDEA in conjunction with GSB Comms and Guy Rothwell Associates, communication and leadership consultancies in the UK.


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